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Adminicus Green Energy Green Jobs Consortium – Promoting Geothermal Electric Power for Green Jobs  Now!

Adminicus is a  democratically-run non-profit organization which  promotes massive public and private investment in the new Green Energy Economy. This will result in a significant reduction in the overall cost of living, make possible the cutbacks in carbon emissions required to stave off the negative effects of climate change, and bring about a new era of prosperity based on low energy prices, a clean environment, and millions of new Green Energy Jobs.

One area that we feel has significant promise to usher in this new era of prosperity is Large-Scale Geothermal Electrical Generation utilizing Deep-Earth Closed-Loop Technology. This technology is referred to as CLEM, or Closed Loop Energy Mine, by its primary proponents, Atlantic Geothermal (a founding member of this consortium)

The Action Items on the Consortium’s agenda include:

1) Crowdsource funding the construction of a closed loop energy mine (geothermal power) electrical generation plant of a commercially useful size.

2) Lobbying for government funding for high-tech geological surveys to identify the best locations for Geothermal Electrical plants.

3) Public outreach and education about the benefits (and necessity) of government and private investments in green energy technology for both environmental and economic growth reasons.

4) Organization of public events designed to promote both Green Energy and Green Jobs.

5) Development of media like web sites, videos, pamphlets and the like to promote the Green Energy / Green Jobs agenda.

6) Fundraising to support these activities and the activities of related groups.

7) Recruitment of Celebrities and Public Figures who will endorse our call for Green Jobs.

8) Formation of alliances with other Green Energy movements, technology firms, and advocacy groups to present a unified Pro-Green-Jobs front to elected representatives and government officials.

9) Commissioning of public opinion surveys and other research to demonstrate public opinion to elected decision makers concerning Green Energy / Green Jobs issues.


Please “Like” us on Facebook, Sign our Petition, and Sign Up for our Newsletter. We’re just getting this off the ground full-time so there will be much to come over the next several months. We really appreciate everyone’s support. Onward to the new Green Jobs Economy!