About us

About Adminicus

Adminicus is a non profit Democratic organization and is dedicated to the transformation of our economy and restoration of the environment through massive public and private investment in Green Energy research, development and implementation. We feel that this would bring about a new era of global prosperity based on millions of new Green Energy Jobs and allow for the reductions in carbon emissions that are urgently needed to prevent the harsh negative effects of climate change.

As a Democratic organization our leadership is elected every three years.

Funds raised from our membership fee or ongoing operations are used to build infrastructure, such as power plants or manufacturing facilities.

Funds raised from working members, support healthcare, advanced training programs and a pension plan.

As Director J. David Reynolds has set the Adminicus goal of building a geothermal power plant and creating 100,000 quality jobs for the members. He believes this can be done by January 1st 2018 when he comes up for re-election.