About us

About Adminicus

Adminicus Inc is a  Democratic experiment for the transformation of our economy in a way that seeks to minimize disruption of the way things are currently done. However to create new jobs there has to be change and that will inevitably cause some kind of disruption for someone. Creating new jobs, gives young people entering the job market hope and a scenes of security. When people entering the job market are getting paid less than previous generations for jobs that vanish without warning, there is a low feeling of social security and stress is high, leading to all kinds of illness and reduced performance. We believe creating numerous quality jobs will give a great many people new hope for a better future.

As a Democratic organization our leadership is elected every three years.

Funds raised from our membership or ongoing operations are primarily used to build infrastructure. Geothermal power plants are viewed as a great source of energy for manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing is a foundation for secondary jobs, some say with every manufacturing job created, 5 secondary jobs are created as well. If our mission involves the creation of large numbers of quality jobs, then we should build a good power foundation for manufacturing to run on.

Funds raised from working members, support healthcare, advanced training programs and a pension plan.

As Director J. David Reynolds has set the Adminicus goal of building an advanced geothermal power plant that uses an engineered system of interconnecting pipes to draw heat from deep, hot, dry, granite. Then using this safe, clean, inexpensive energy to create potentially over 100,000 quality jobs for the members. He believes this can be done by January 1st 2020..