Your donation will help the development of clean energy and quality jobs.

With every $35 donation a member makes to Adminicus Inc. they will receive a one of a kind tile.This stone tile will be recorded as part of a geologic data base. This data base will have a record of each tile produced, chemical makeup, tile number, depth and location in the core. Each tile could be said to have it’s own geologic finger print. This data base could increase collectors value of the tiles. A study of the geologic data could also prove valuable to  better understand how the particular formation were the tile came from was formed and what characteristics are to be expected in the surrounding geology.

For those who are inspired donors, we are now offering a monumental reward. With any donation of $100,000 or more Adminicus will commission an artist to sculpt a larger than life statue from one of the ten foot tall columns produced during drilling. These statues will be prominently displayed at the geothermal power plant in honor of those who made a memorable contribution to the development of geothermal power.

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