Proposed policy and bylaw to be voted on 5/18/16

Policy requires a 75% favorable vote from members who use their option to vote, for a policy proposal to pass and be active or to be amended.

Bylaws require a 51% favorable vote from members who use their option to vote, for a bylaw proposal to pass and be active or amended.

Proposed policy and bylaw to be voted on 5/25/16

  1. Policy, members have the option to vote electing leadership.
    a. Bylaw, people can become members for free by friend Adminicus Inc. on Facebook.
  2. Policy, new policy and bylaw are proposed by leadership or through an elimination debate system.
    a. Bylaw, policy/bylaw proposed by leadership or a debate system has to be posted for member review at least 14 days before a vote on the subject is held.
    b. Bylaw, the first election for Adminicus Inc. will be held May /03/ 2019 and then again every 3 years. In the event of leadership resigning or leaving office an election will be held 14 days after the position is vacated.
    c. Bylaw, elimination debate system enables members to offer proposals using a graduated elimination system. Each member has the option to enter one proposal into this system which runs once a month. Proposals are randomly paired up. Members have the option to vote for a proposal to advance, which ever proposal receives the most votes advances. Each round half of the proposals are eliminated, when there is only one proposal left, that proposal is placed with proposals pressed by leadership to get the final vote from members that passes proposed policy or bylaw.

Proposed policy and bylaw to be voted on 6/1/16

  1. Policy, new policy/bylaw or changes can not alter how funds already raised or generated are used. New policy/bylaw or changes are limited to new funds raised or generated.
  2. Policy, Funds that are not donated for a specific purpose are distributed as follows, 1/3 Labor, 1/3 equipment and 1/3 supplies.
    a. Bylaw, Labor fund is used for hour’s people work and all benefits
    b. Bylaw, Benefits and hourly pay rates are bylaws that have to be voted in.
    c. Bylaw, Equipment fund is to be used for equipment/property that is owned or leased
    d. Bylaw, Supply fund is to be used for materials that are used and all expenses not covered by       equipment or labor, such as fuel, printer paper, lumber, steel, etc.
    e. Bylaw, Supplies are acquired by the Presidents staff, the supplier and cost are approved by the Adminicus President. Any supplier contract or sail over $10,000 has to have a majority vote by the members. Typically 3 or 4 suppliers would be offered and which ever got the most votes would be chosen.  Records of all acquisitions are kept for accounting purposes.
    f. Bylaw, Labor, hiring and firing of labor shall be done by the Adminicus President at this time.

Proposed policy and bylaw to be voted on 6/8/16

  1. Policy, use of funds generated from operation, after operations expenses are covered, 30% growth, 30% work force training and research/development (pipeline for new jobs), 30% members reward program, 10% rainy day fund.
    a. Bylaw, Growth funding is used for building infrastructure. .
    b. Bylaw, Work force training and research/development funding is proposed by leadership or the debate system and requires a majority vote from participating members to be approved for use.
    c. Bylaw, Members rewards have to be proposed and voted on to become active.
    d. Bylaw, Rainy day fund has to have a majority vote from members who chose to vote for any proposed use to pass.