Your membership will enable you to have a real impact on reducing green house gas emissions created by fossil fuel burning. There are other alternatives like geothermal power, however most venture capital in the energy sector is committed to burning fossil fuels and alternatives often represent a conflict of interest for them. This is an opportunity for the general public to benefit directly from the full value of low cost energy, instead of the traditional trickle down that comes from venture capital realizing the full value of low cost energy. Your participation will show others that there is common popular support for clean alternatives. If just 1 % of the people in Massachusetts were to organize in support of this geothermal alternative, they could fund construction of clean low cost energy and benefit from the economic value.

Each member is registered with Adminicus once they join and membership lasts three years.

All members have one vote in primary Adminicus elections and one vote in their regions representative election.  

Members receive $20/hr or more and benefits for all jobs on the employ list, also industrial partners pay employs $20/hr or more with benefits in exchange for fixed rates and reliable electricity.

Members receive a 10% discount on all products produced by Adminicus, including electricity.

Members are also eligible for development funding as funds come available through power plant operations. 

Members can enter the intern/apprentice program to develop skills for advanced jobs.

Membership also grants people with the ability to place their name on two different job lists. Jobs are filled by rank on the list, when a person accepts a position they are removed from the list. You will have three days to accept or decline, declining does not remove you from a list, it just gives some one else a chance to take the position.  

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